Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oh, Lord! Why hath you foresakeneth my iPodeth?

Well, crap. Surely this is some cosmic karmic comeuppence for my insensitive blog remarks about the bloated corpse of Natalee Holloway (though, to be honest, my real complaint is the media's very dishonest obsession with her,) but nonetheless, my iPod is fucked. It crapped out on me in Chicago, freezing up and then all 3200-something songs were gone. I've since uploaded all my music from my external back-up drive to iTunes, and then to the iPod. And it is STILL freezing between songs, skipping songs, and generally fucking up.

Here's a some background. Something like this happened about 9 months ago. At the time, I only had about 1200 songs, and I went through album by album, dumping and reinstalling albums until it worked. It took HOURS AND HOURS. Now that I have 3200-something songs, this is the last thing I want to do.

The worst part is I own all my music. I have a vast CD collection, from my days as a DJ, my time as a record reviewer, and just being a collector in general. Out of 3200, only about 12 songs are NOT store bought.

I'm at my wit's end. I've got the latest firmware and software updates. I've tried resetting. I've erase the iPod and put all my old music (old music which was working FINE until last Friday) onto the iPod again. I have no idea what to do. My buddy Neals says that maybe I put a corrupted JPEGS onto album artwork, but I haven't added album art in ages to the iPod (for fear that is what did me in last time.) Neal also said that maybe some multimedia stuff (CDs with quicktime videos or whatever) somehow got in there and screwed that up. But, as far as I know, there is no equivalent to Norton Utilities for the iPod. So what the hell am I to do?

Should anybody have ANY idea what to do, I'd be very appreciative. Send you some comic books or something. However, DON'T tell me to reimport all of my CDs, because that simply is not going to happen. Also, I don't think getting a new iPod would really help, because I am convinced the problem is with the files within the iPod (oh yeah, my iPod is third generation--you don't think that makes a difference, do you?)


Sabrina said...

contact apple.

Bitch at them until they tell you what's wrong with your ipod.

Anonymous said...

Verily, I say unto thee, your ipod has drowned in the sea of your own iniquities. You shall only hear the gnashing of your own teeth as you feed on the words of your insensitivities. For you prosper now, but eternity holds for you a diet from your own kitchen, the bread of affliction washed down with the water of affliction. --the Lord -----p.s., the HOUSE OF M sucked