Tuesday, November 23, 2004


So a bunch of hunters get killed in Wisconsin. Instead of mass murder, why not simply report this as a massive case of irony. 6 people went out to mindlessly kill and ended up being mindlessly killed. WHOOPS. Anyway, I'm not a huge Second Amendment supporter, and I'm not crying any tears over a bunch of dead gun nuts.

Still, isn't anybody sick of the news story that accompanies EVERY SINGLE case of mass murder? There is always an interview with the family who sticks by the killer, and talks about, "oh, we were so surprised. He was such a good person."

Fair warning, no matter how well I know you; if a reporter ever asks me anyting about you, no matter what you did, even if it was just jaywalking, I'm gonna say, "that guy was a psycho and a loose cannon with a hair trigger. Everybody knew that it was just a matter of time before this evil nutbag went apeshit. Somebody should have put this jerk out of his misery a looooong time ago."

Now THAT would be a news story.

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