Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'm flying to Arizona for Thanksgiving

Why do people always say "be safe" on holidays? Is that code for "don't drink and drive," or shorthand for "have a safe flight?" "Have a safe flight" is the one that really gets to me. That's pretty much up to the pilot, right? I'm not gonna sneak any guns or bombs on board, if that's what your saying, but once I'm onboard the plane, my fate is pretty much out of my hands. I think anybody who says "have a safe flight" should get punched in the mouth. I'm gonna start saying, "tell your PILOT to have a safe flight" just to spite everybody.

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Chris Hunter said...

So you're complaining about Americans driving SUV's as your about to get on a PLANE and fly across the country?

You're part of the problem, Layman!!!

I tease, John. Chill out, man. It's not all that bad. You'll always have me. ;)

Have a great holiday, man. You deserve it.

Chris Hunter