Saturday, November 20, 2004

Layman Movie Review: American Pie III: American Wedding

Haven't blogged for a couple days, as this movie left me almost terminally nauseated. It was one of those Netflix movies I KNEW would be bad, but I rented it just to see how bad. It is was fucking MISERABLE, insulting and unfunny from beginning to end, with whatever few jokes there were were obvious from about a mile away. It was utterly charmless, and crude and mean spirited, after about the first five minutes I ended up fast forwarding through the entire thing, even the scene with the naked, big-boobed strippers. And when a straight guy is fast-forwarding through naked stripper scenes, you know a movie has to be bad. Oh, and the guy from Dude, Where's My Car who plays Stiffler was so unlikable and offensive it made me wonder if that wasn't the way that jackass truly is.

I'd say it was a waste of my time, but considering how quickly I fast-forwarded through it, I shouldn't realy complain. If I would have seen this in a theater I suspect I would have choken on a popcorn kernel –on purpose– just to stop the agony of that pile-of-dog-crap movie.

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