Sunday, November 21, 2004

Layman Pimpage: Gambit #4

My buddy James N. suggested I mention on my blog whenever a new comic book of mine comes out, and damed if that wasn't a good idea. This past Wednesday saw the release of Gambit #4, as well as the second Marvel Age Fantastic Four TPB, in which I have two stories.

Anyway, reviews of Gambit #4 are pretty good.

Here's one of my favorite, by Hannibal Tabu, who usually gives me the impression his head explodes after reading a Layman written comic: Gambit #4 (Marvel):
I am shocked to tell you this issue was good. Not "good for Gambit." Not even "good for an X-book." I mean plain good, with none of the playing around and half-hearted steps towards adequacy of earlier issues. Remy losing his luck in the Big Easy is the plot, and it's done very well, with some great and funny moments tossed it (playing cards amidst a field of battered costumed characters, a sign begging for Lear jet gas). I loved the hot dog cart bit, which was so crafty. If I liked, or was indifferent to Gambit, I'd have bought it. But since I actively dislike him, I did not.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, James. Give yourself a cookie!


Anonymous said...

I am a tyrannical genius, aren't I.

Oh, the things I do for cookies.


ronald said...

hey I love Gambit#4 & I love ur take on Gambit

Anonymous said...

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