Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wecome to the Jungle, pt. 2

I think the last thing the world needs is another idiot blogger, but nonetheless I'm going to join their ranks. Mostly, I'm just gonna use this as a platform to talk about my cats, what movies I've been seeing, what shows I'm watching, news and politics, music, stuff like that. I might mention a comic book I'm excited about, but probably won't diss crappy comic books, because A.) There are far too many crappy comics out there and B.) I'd likely be dissing either a friend or a company I would like to work for.

Anyway, my current game is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. My man Carl Johnson is trying to nail the drug dealers that set up his brother and is in San Fierro, which is basically San Francisco. I'm betting it will be a good two weeks before I make it to the third city, which is basically Vegas.

Oh, and I Netflixed The Ladykillers last week, and enjoyed the hell out of it. Much better a movie than I would have thought from the reviews. Still, I wonder if it will be increasingly funny with repeat viewings, like Big Lebowski


JPR said...

The little woman and I just watched Ladykillers as well and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I stand apart from my peers on the merits of the Big Lebowski, however.

Chris Hunter said...

Great to have ya, John.

HALO 2 is great. Give it a try, why dont'cha?

Tom said...

J -- Welcome to San Blogcisco. I'm glad you're recommending Ladykillers; I might have missed it. I have this aversion to--but no rule against--Tom Hanks, ever since his fascist masterpiece Forrest Gump. I know it's very, very old news, but did you see it? All the characters who followed orders were good and everyone who didn't were bad or damaged. -- T.

Sports, Jr. said...

I didn't enjoy Ladykillers at all, except for the last 10-15 minutes, where everything fell apart. I would like the Coens to get back to the peak form they had for a solid 10 years from 1992-2001. Their last two films have been less-than impressive.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

James here, from Democracy-loving Vancouver, Canada.

Love Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. My buddy and I've been playing it almost two days non-stop now.

Didn't like THE LADYKILLERS that much but I though INTOLERABLE CRUELTY was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Best Coen film -- Miller's Crossing, with Barton Fink a close second.
I haven't seen the Ladykillers. Didn't see a reason to watch it, truth to tell.
GTS:SA - awesome, awesome, awesome. Nothing piques my interest more than being confused all over again with a new city and new options in a nearly FREE universe. But judging from the size of the cities in this one it may take a lot longer to complete. Which is cool.
Halo 2.... please. I try not to give money to Mr. Monopoly if I can help it. Not that Sony is any better, mind you...

-- Darth_Tanyan