Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Layman Movie Review: City of God

Netflixed City of God last night. I had a few people tell me how great the movie was, but I forget who. Sorta a mob story set in the Brazilian slums. Really captivating, from start to finish. Kim liked it too, and she hates everything.

Also watched Law and Order SUV last night. I always like it when there is some evil little kid who gets away with murder. Only this time, he didn't because Kyle McLaughlin killed the little bastard. Man, Kyle sure has aged since I last saw him on Sex and the City. He's starting to look like "Aged Agent Cooper" from the red room in those dream sequences of Twin Peaks. Another case of life imitating art!

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Mark said...

Over here, digital channel BBC4 is showing the spin-off TV series "City Of Men". It's pretty good too.