Thursday, November 11, 2004

Not on my iPod

Here's another band you won't find on my iPod: Radiohead.

I know that everybody thinks they are so great. They are even supposed to be comic writer Alan Moore's favorite band. But every song of theirs I've heard I actively dislike. Kim says they are "Pink Floyd for the 21st Century," but I think not. This morning a song was on the radio, and I swear to God I thought it was U2, so of course I projectile vomited. Later, I found out it was Radiohead, which was just as bad. Bleggggh.


Anonymous said...

Thank God. I thought I was the only one alive who thought that U2 and Radiohead were victims of a mass delusional, sycophantic public. Their songs.... suck. And Bono needs to be a victim of the prophesied anti-Emeril and get kicked down a notch! BAM!
The only U2 song to register on my portable Color-coded Terrorist Threat Level meter: The Fly (yellow)
The only Radiohead tune: Creep (green)

-- Darth_Tanyan

Mark said...

Can't believe Radiohead could be Alan Moore's favourite band. It's bound to be Captain Beefheart or somethin' equally beardy mentalist.

Anonymous said...

What Radiohead song sounds like U2? Now I admit I used to get the Verve and U2 mixed at times, but Bono has never screeched like Thom.