Friday, April 14, 2006

I urge you: RESPECT THE J.L.G.S.

A lot of you have been making jokes in very poor taste about J.L.G.S. This is a serious subject, with far-reaching, important consequences, and yet a few of you very small-minded readers have been enjoying making light of it.

Here's what a few of you idiots have said, speculating about the meaning J.L.G.S.:

Ed Brubaker: John Layman Gay Sex
Tom B. Long: (stealing Ed's crude joke) John Loves Gay Sex
Kristy Quinn: John Layman Gets Sober
Mark Rahner: John Layman's Gastric Surgery
James Nadiger: John Layman's Group Sex
B. Clay Moore: (saying it's a mantra he repeats before reading my books) Jesus, Lord, Gimme Strength!
Popculturezoil: John Layman's G-String

Well, hardy har har, mother fuckers. I guess the joke is on you, because you are all officially
from this blog.

That's right. Move along, you disrespectful sacks of crap. You are no longer welcome, and you have all been

Everybody else: Please look forward to an important annoucement regarding J.L.G.S., tentatively scheduled for next week.


Ed Brubaker said...

Fuck you, you pussy! I've got a degree in computer science and a bunch of fans on my ultra-super-double-secret message board that are gonna help me do this, and I'm telling you right now -- I'm going to hack in and take over your blog, Lame-man!

Ed Brubaker said...

You wait... Just when you think it's not going to happen, BAM -- it's going to happen.

congolia said...

Is it John Layman Goes Shrimping? And when I say "shrimping" I mean hawt foot sex.

jnadiger said...


I said:

JOIN Layman's Group Sex.