Sunday, April 09, 2006

Layman movie review: A HISTORY OF (LAYMAN) VIOLENCE

Call it a case of art imitating life. People are always asking writers "where do you get your ideas?," but it pretty clear after watching this movie, Hollywood is more and more taking their ideas from my life story.

For those of you who don't know, History of Violence is about a mild-mannered family man, who is in fact a total bad-ass with a secret past. In this case, Aragorn plays the role of Quasi-Layman, and I have to say he did a pretty good job at capturing my lethal ruthlessness, as well as the torment and shame that has piled upon me from years of hiding my secret.

This movie got spectacular reviews, and I went into it thing it would be, like, a life-changing experience. It wasn't "all that," but it was certainly a good, solid movie. It started a little slowly, but it unfolded very economically, getting from Point A to Point B with a minimum of bullshit (I didn't even have to watch the movie at double-speed to get through it.)

I liked the ending quite a bit, and the little Cronenberg-esque touches of gore. Oh, and I thought the supporting cast was uniformally great, particularly Ed Harris and William Hurt, who, if anything, seemed to be having a little too much fun.

Anyway... a good solid Netflix weekend viewing.

But now I'm scared Hollywood is going to go after my sex life next.

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