Monday, April 17, 2006

Meet Ruggles!

So, as I mentioned earlier, I've been playing World of Warcraft, and totally loving iit. One of the coolest things about my roommate is that she is a huge game geek, too, and she is just as hooked on the game as me. At first, we were just alternating, I would play and she would play, and we would look over each other's shoulders waiting for each's respective turn. Initially, the idea of buying two monthly subscriptions (at $15 a month) a pop, seemed ludicrous, but eventually we did it, and then each made two new characters in a very new and underpopulated realm (Ysera) and we have been playing together, adventuring side by side.

She is a thief named Battythecat and I am a mage named Ruggles. We both playing Gnomes (like my other character Poggles.) So far, we've made it to 25 Level, and I have to say, Ruggles is a total freakin' badass.

Playing in pairs, too, is a lot more fun than playing solo. We get stuff done faster and more efficiently, and are leveling up and getting new abilities at a furious rate.

Anyway... if you're wandering around Ysera and come upon Ruggles, run, because I will totally ANNIHILATE YOUR SORRY ASS!!!

Upcoming: Are you as excited as I am about J.L.G.S.?


TomB said...

Is it "John Layman Gets Syphillis: A Lifetime Special Presentation" you know? Lifetime, the first network for women and men who answer to their roommates.

Hmm, don't seemd to be banned, i could go on like this forever...

"John Layman, God's Shit-stain"

"John Layman Goes Side-Saddle: A different kind of Brokeback"

"John Loves Goat Sperm"

Anonymous said...

HEHEHE John does love goat sperm...from what I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had balls enough to post my name!