Thursday, April 20, 2006

Neal Pozner asks: "So, what made yesterday John Layman Day anyway?"

I'm glad you asked, Neal. The answer:

One day, two comics, three covers.

Claw/Red Sonja #4. Adventures of large-breasted barbarians.

Sentinel Squad #4. Giant robots vs. telekinetic dinosaurs.

And here is the ultra-rare 1-in-10 Jim Lee cover. I've seen it on sale for $25 in a comic book store in downtown Seattle. Ree-dickle-ous!


Anonymous said...

I heard Red Sonja's tits are fake. You can really tell when she lifts the sword above her head - pucker city.

Tom said...

Best Layman Day ever.
I'm still drunk.

chance said...

I had the best john layman day ever! first I slept in, then got up and had a cup of coffee while I read the morning paper. After, I filled my John Layman doll with air and we laid on the back lawn while dreaming of the day we'd have a hotel room to ourselfs at the San Diego comic con.

N. J. Pozner said...

Now I know the true meaning of John Layman Day.

popculturezod said...

It was John Layman Day? Goddammit!! Why doesn't this show up in my calendar? So, when's the next one? (just so I can be prepared)

Anonymous said...

I just won't celebrate John Layman Day after last year's riot.
All those comics folks going berserk and groping action figures in the streets.
Why give Bill O'Reilly ammunition to further marginalize the already marginalized Laymanphiles.
What say you, sir?
---KING S.

congolia said...

I had a tradtional Layman day.

I stayed in my shroud all day, drank nothing but dishwater and Zima and knocked myself out with the Layman Pillar of Truth.

I thought previous Layman days were getting too commerical. I was raised as a Layman Fundementalist.

Anonymous said...

I spent JLD eating a good fresh placenta!


C.B. Cebulski said...

I'll sell you my Jim Lee cover for ten bucks!