Thursday, April 06, 2006

Miss my regular blog postings? Blame Poggles!

Yeah, yeah, I've been terrible at updating, and that's gonna change, effective immediately. Last weekend I went to Emerald City Con, the annual Seattle Con, and it was a really good time. Besides hanging out and seeing a bunch of friends (Cully, Ford, Dave, Josh, Tony, Rich, Ed, Jay, Eric, Jade, Matt, Tom, Dan, JEFF PARKER!, Jim, Ale, Carlos, JG, Jann, et. all), it was really gratifying the amount of fans and readers I spoke to. Last few years cons have been kinda hit and miss, with me signing a few books here and there, and then listening to crickets chirp and watching tumbleweeds roll by. But this year, for the first time, I felt like an actually comic book writer, signing what felt like was a minor shitload of books. Granted, most were my House of M: Fantastic Four Mini, which came out last summer, but I signed a fair amount of my 12 issue Gambit run as well.

The strangest part was I signed more than a few copies of Stay Puffed, my flop sequel to Puffed, which was set in the Iraqi war, and published in what is in retrospect the early days of our ill-advised invasion. At the time, everybody hated it, and nobody thought it was funny. Oddly enough, this con, I got some pretty good feedback, and for the first time I met people who thought it was funny. I guess we're far enough into this fucked-up war, and it is so obviously a mess, that it's okay to laugh occasionally.

Anyway, I also talked to quite a few people who said they regularly read and visit this blog, so I figure I better get off my lazy ass and start posting again.

Tomorrow: Where I've been, and why you should love and fear Poggles.

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