Monday, February 14, 2005

A couple Gambit #7 reviews

Some nice reviews of Gambit #7 popped up on the web.

Hannibal Tabu over at UGO continues to like Gambit, though it clearly pains him to admit it (which causes me great joy.) He says "How the heck is John Layman turning this title into something readable? It boggles the mind..." Here.

And over at the X-Axis, as he does every month, Paul O'Brien spends the first 75% of his review begging for Marvel to render me unemployed, then admits the book is a "fun read." Here. I kinda imagine Paul O'Brien like I do somebody with Tourette's Syndrome, but instead of cussing, all he does is spout out how much Gambit needs to be cancelled. I bet he says it to the mailman when he passes him by in the street, says it when he is ordering fast food at the drive-through, or whenever he answers the phone and gets a wrong number.

Finally, there is X-Fan, with the most positive review of all, from W. Molstad, saying the issue "Hits the mark! A must-have for fans of (Gambit)" before going on to say me and fellow writer David Hine have "the potential to be future Marvel superstars." Ain't nothing wrong with that! That review is here.

Anyway, that's all I found. If anybody else finds any reviews (as opposed to fans posting synopsies and calling them reviews,) feel free to let me know.

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