Saturday, February 19, 2005

Layman comic pimpage: Small Gods Killing Grin

I have a rule that I don't really talk about other comics on this site. I think it's one thing to pimp your own shit, but I think it's kinda unseemly to actually give comic reviews, and boring to give comics opinions.Being a comics professional, I don't want to diss fellow creators, or companies that might potentially employ me. I guess I could talk about comics I like or am reading, but then you'd pretty much figure out what I don't like by omission, right? I have several "internet columnist" friends, and I think the worst thing they can do is be real vocal about comics that suck and then expect a comic company to hire them. Anyway, that's why I don't usually talk about comics other than my own stuff.

Which brings me to SMALL GODS, a comic from Image, with six issues out and a recently released TPB, KILLING GRIN. I wrote the introduction to the trade. Image asked me to, and it's my first introduction for anything that isn't my own. Anyway, it's a good book, sci-fi, about telepathic cops in a world where people have psionics (actually, that description doesn't give it justice... but kiss my ass and go read the book yourself.)

An embarrassing admission: I usually skip introductions, as they are pretentious nonsense most of the time. But I keep mine short, and at least tried to make it entertaining.

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