Friday, February 18, 2005

Layman movie review: BULLY

I got this movie for X-mas from Tom B. (The-"B"-Is-For-"Beee-otch") Long. He and I have kinda gotten in the habit of exchanging DVDs on X-mas and I usually send him something cool and awesome and he usually sends me somethingn perverted and twisted --perhaps because I am cool and awesome, and Tom B. (The-"B"-Is-For-"Beee-otch") Long is perverted and twisted.

Anyway, I got a shitload of DVDs for X-mas, and I've yet to even scratch the surface of them, but one night when my roommate was out of town I stuck in Tom's movie, BULLY, which I had never heard of. I had pretty low expectations ('cause it was from Tom,) but I gotta admit, the movie was goddamn compelling from the first minute I couldn't turn it off.

BULLY is from the same guy who did KIDS, which, I admit, I never saw. It's like that movie 13 that came out last year, supposed to be shocking cause it's kids who swear and drink and smoke pot and have sex. BULLY is pretty much the same thing, except these kids not only swear and drink and smoke pot and have sex, but they also kill one of their members, the BULLY character alluded to in the title. Once I looked on the cover of the DVD, I saw that Ebert and weasley little Roeper both gave it two thumbs up, and one even called it a "masterpiece." I know a lot of people like to diss Ebert, and while I don't always agree with him, at least I have respect for his opinions. Anyway BULLY is thoroughly unpleasant, but it's definitely worth seeing (not sure how many repeat viewing it would merit, though.)

You know what would be a good companion double feature to this? RIVER'S EDGE, starring a ridiculously young Keenua Reeves. It's sort of the same principle, of a bunch of fuck-up kids, only in RIVER'S EDGE they kill somebody and everybody is just utterly apathic and blase about it. In BULLY, all these fuck-up kids plot this murder, but once the murder actually occurs, they all totally freak out and puss out. Anyway, thanks, Tom (You beee-otch). I guess now I'm sorta in the mood to see RIVER'S EDGE.

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.just.a.ghost. said...

BULLY was okay. I did see it once and kept watching because I wanted to see what was going to happen. And I think you are right in the one viewing thing. But I saw it twice and the second time around all you see is stupid annoying kids not knowing how to live life.

Another reason I have a dislike for this movie is I know kids like the ones in the movie and it makes me sick that people like this are all over.

Is the 192 month abortion really that bad?