Tuesday, February 01, 2005

John Layman; Erotic pioneer of the alcoholic frontier

Just so you know, I was there first, man.

Last night I bought a buncha cans of Budweiser's new caffienated alcohol drink, B-3, or B-to-the-E, or whatever the hell it's called. Anheuser-Busch are sampling it in 55 cities for the next three months, and no doubt somebody at corporate headquarters did they research and knew that the illustrious "Kid Layman" now resides in Seattle... as does his unquenchable thirst!!!!! Breaking my rules that I should not have caffeine in the evening, I sampled this concoction. Was it good? Uh.. I don;t know.. Red Bull isn't exactly good, but I drink it for the caffiene buzz. And this drink tastes real similar, with some fuzzy beer overtones. Alcohol plus caffeine is good in my book.

The down side –and it's not exactly a down side– is that I was up half the night, unable to sleep, in a caffeinated frenzy. I didn't mind. I'm plotting out Gambit #10, which is at this point overly complex and needs simplifying. Also: CHECK THIS: Sweet little Reggie climbed up and snuggled with me no less than FIVE times, the little angel. I love that soft little guy!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Sparks was going a bit too far already. But this, this is insane.