Monday, February 21, 2005

RIP Hunter S. Thompson RIP Raoul Duke

Hunter S. Thompson was one of the writers who made ME want to be a writer.

He's also the guy who made me not afraid to do drugs.

He's the guy who made me not afraid to mix drug, and I can recall more than a few road trips and adventures, to Las Vegas and other places, that had me on some savage drug-fueled adventure where I tried to recreate my own wild and insane "Fear and Loathing" Adventure.

"Make a beast of yourself to forget the pain of being a man." A great quote, and words to live by, at least during my college and post-college years.

Shit, man. Shit.

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Anonymous said...

Hunter S. Thompson was not only a revolutionary in writing, but also a one of a kind character, a sort of warped real life cartoon that could never be replaced.

RIP Duke, you'll be missed.

"You better take care of me, Lord. If you don't, you're gonna have me on your hands." -Hunter S. Thompson