Tuesday, February 15, 2005


You know, it's one thing when 87-year-old actor Ossie Davis passes away or late-80-something comic creator Will Eisner. Both had long, full lives, and while we regret their passing, we can't exactly say "he was taken from us too soon." What's sadder is when somebody is cut down in their prime, especially when that somebody is vibrant and brimming over with health, enthusiasm, generousity, life and love.

ERIC DESANTIS: 1976-2005
The flame the burns so bright, alas, burns so brief.

I knew Eric back in my days with Wildstorm, back in the salad days before DC bought the company. Eric was yet another Wildstorm editor that was a TERRIBLE speller (I'm another one, but I'm dyslexic, so I have an excuse.) Eric loved comics, he was kind to children and small animals, and always had a kind word on the tip of his tongue and a smile on his face. And the only thing on earth that Eric hated was racism, injustice, and apples.

Yes, if you knew Eric, surely you know that the only thing on Earth he both reviled and feared were apples. Fresh apples intimidated him, cowed him, and enraged him. In my callous youth I would leave a fresh apple on his desk, not expecting the TERRIFIED reaction would have against this "forbidden fruit." He was okay with apple pie, strangly enough. He considered apples that were cooked and cut to be "tamed." But a single fresh apple was just about the worst thing that Eric could concieve. Green Granny Smith apples were more abhorrant to him than red apples, too.

Anyway, we hope to have more details about Eric's mysterious and ironic passing as it becomes available. If you happen to be witness to the tragedy that occurred, if you got the license number of that truck, PLEASE call and make a report. Eric's family and many, many loved ones would appreciate it.


.just.a.ghost. said...

I remember that day with the apple on his desk. Mainly because you told me to go put an apple on his desk hours later.... Eric, you will be missed.

TomB said...

"Hollywood" Eric DeSantis was the prettiest man I ever saw. The only man I've ever gone gay for, though i dont think it counts since he was a bottom the whole time. Rest in peace, my precious "sweet lips."

Ollylain said...

I remember Mr. DeSantis' fondness for the color pink. It consumed him and all things, if possible, had to be the color pink. It was unfortunate that GameBoys did not come in that cotton candy hue so he was forever tortured every time he played Pokémon.

Does his will state who will get all his collection of Star Sapphire sketches?!? Just wondering...

Cindy said...

hey terds...he's not dead! jerks.