Thursday, February 10, 2005


Wishes for fishes
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Poor old Batty. She's our best cat, far and away our smartest cat, and our most affectionate, and, yet, she's always been kinda a sickly kitty. Kim actually picked her out because she was a sneezy little runt, and since then, Batty always seems prone to catching colds. And she's got one now, poor little kitty. She's been sneezing up a storm, and her eyes are running, and she just seems more listless than usual. And yet, she's still affectionate to Reggie, and likes to sit on laps, and is curious and likes to beg, and do all the things Batty likes to do. Anyway, I hate to see ol' Batty get sick. Get well soon, you stupid-ass cat!

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Tom said...

First the Pope and now Batty. I can't take it.

Get well, Batty.