Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Vitriol for Kiera Knightly

I forgot to mention this when I was talking about the Pirates of Carribean commentary, and this blog message is especially for Kiera Knightly.

Here's a news flash, you daffy chick; people who watch audio commentaries have ALREADY SEEN THE MOVIE. You don't have to act like you dance around what's going to happen, because we've ALREADY SEEN THE MOVIE. We ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Nobody –NOBODY!– watches a commentary before the actual movie. Holy crap... Are you actually retarded enough you believe otherwise, or was that acting?


Rasmus said...

a surprising large amount of people (actors, directors, writers, producers etc) make this same mistake. Pisses me off every damn time (and it happens a lot. I think I've watched all my movies that have commentaries with commentaries. And I'd say about half of them make this mistake)

Anonymous said...

Yes, but her commentary with Jack Davenport was about a thousand times better than the very very dull full commentary with Johnny Depp.