Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A cry for help

Does anybody know how to post Javascript on Blogger? I'd like to add the Iraqi Body Count to this blog, but I can't freaking figure out how.

why doesn't this code work? What am I doing wrong?:

[script type="text/Javascript" script src=""] [/script]

(yeah, i realize the brackets are wrong, i just change them so I could post this.)

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Tom said...

They offer a non-Java version here. Some Java stuff works at Blogger--like StatCounter--but I could never figure this one out. Or rather, I'd quit the minute it got challenging. Anyway, the non-java looks like abit of a pain--you have to upload art elements to flickr & change the code to reflect that--but it'll work. Happy body counting!

Also, may I tell you how EXCITED I am about Laymamerican Idol?

Can I be a celebrity judge? I can be loose like Randy, gushy like Paula or satanic like Simon! Whatever you need!