Friday, April 15, 2005

Some computer tawk. good news and bad

This is weird. I'm usually not such a software nerd, but i have to say, I'm really excited about Apple's new operating system, TIGER, debuting two weeks from now. I actually pre-ordered it on ebay today. It's got all kinds of crazy bells and whistles. And the new "dashboard feature" looks simply awesome. (click to check out what it does.)

Click to view the Dashboard QuickTime demo

Also on the computer front is the sad realization that my iPod battery pooped out. My roommate's iPod died just recently, too, (I figure my iPod was inspired by kick-ass music to live longer.) She ordered a new battery online and we preformed surgery, opening up the iPod guts (which was pretty interesting in and of itself) and replacing the battery. Anyway, it's should be okay, but I'd hate to screw it up, y'know. Good thing I backup my music regularly.


.just.a.ghost. said...

Tiger looks real awesome. I can not wait to get it... I just hope it makes my life easier... I know panther did...

Edco said...

If you want a glimpse into the wonder that is Tiger, track down Steve Jobs' keynote speech video from this year's Macworld. He demos all the new toys and it barely scratches the surface.

The Dashboard is going to be where it's at. I say it's worth the price just for the dictionary/thesaurus widget!

Jamie said...

Is there anyway that you could save the ipod pic from my site to use it on your site? I know you pretty much get free bandwidth with blogger and I have to pay for mine.

I'm glad you either liked it enough to put on, I did that by hand in Photoshop.



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