Sunday, April 10, 2005

I bought these two albums yesterday

Perhaps buying albums is not a big deal to you, but I am so old and set in my ways, musically, this is worth mentioning.

Buck 65 is the better album of the two, sorta Beck meets Tom Waits singing Johnny Cash. Rondo Brothers is more like Hawaiian rap, with eukele and slide guitar and stuff like that. It gets a little old by the end of the album, but it's perfect to still on the iPod and have it come up randomly as part of the Shuffle feature,

By the way, I first discovered these bands last week, when Tom Peyer and my roommate when to see Handsome Boy Modeling School at the Showbox.

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Edco said...

I find both of these albums the perfect companions for evenings where a mouthfull of pills and the slitting of wrists in a warm bath just isn't slow enough.