Tuesday, April 12, 2005

more Laymamerica idol contestants...competition begins in two days!!


Hey! Four more people have breathlessly DEMANDED to be a part of tihs new phenomena sweeping the internets... Laymamerican idol!

Return to tune in this Thursday --and every Thursday-- as our contestants are evaluated... and every week, one shall be eLaymanated!!!!

Da new kids on the block:

Hannibal Tabu has threatened to "carve out my pancreas" next time he sees me. He always wears a hat, sings karaoke, and is not afraid to proclaim often and vocally about his many dalliances with porn stars and supermodels. He also is a comics reviewer, and regular readers of this blog --and, admit it, that's every one of you, isn't it-- are familiar with his monthly mushy gushing about how great a writer The Layman is. Conflict of interest? Oh, hell yeah. Still, because of all these factors (except, uh, the part about the pancreas, the hat and the karaoke,) Hannibal has terrific odds, and is expected to go far. Perhaps he's even a wringer. His blog; The Operative Network; Soapbox
Odds: 4-1

Mary E, aka Mary Brickthrower aka Mary the Wretched aka Sadie Hex is one of the few females in this competition, other than Maki Yamane, Darlene Alilain, Information Overload , and Eric DeSantis. I once saw her down NINE back-to-back Kamikaze shots. Mary was mad that I gave her a hard time that Kamikaze's aren't real shots --and they aren't. However, they are probably the equivilant of 5 shots, and considering she drank them first thing in the evening, continued to drink, and was still standing at the end of the night (where I was wobbling,) she deserves big props in the hardcore chick department. She also has a cute little kitty that looks like my Reggie. Normally, all this would give her blog, How The Wretched Live great odds. However, stupid Reggie has been peeing on a section of our carpeted stairway lately, so, sadly, this will count against Mary.
Odds: 7-1

Hmm. I'm not sure Rich Amtower even wanted to include his Christian Martyr blog in this competition. Then again, neither did that insane Christian fucker, and I included him, so why should Rich get off the hook. He doesn't update very often though.
Odds: 9-1

Scott Robin"s All Ages blog spends a lot of time talking about comic book (comics for all ages, as the name may suggest.) He's a total stranger for now, and... hmmm, could it be that he doesnt' exactly know what he's getting into when signing up for this competition. But let's give him the benifit of the doubt. He's gotta be more interesting than Neal, right?
Odds: 10-1

And, finally, There is Digio's As Mayor of This Town. It seems to be the hyperactive musings of a marginally sane Canadian. And that's all a good thing (except for the Canadian part!) Anyway, let's see how this cat stands up against the HEAVY competition.
Odds: 6-1

Remember...tune in Thursday, for evaluation... and eLaymanation!

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Mary E. Brickthrower said...

Your cat's incontinence may way heavy on your mind--but I find this a cheap ploy to get rid of the females (with look-a-like kitties) early in the competition. Oh, and my real name is Mary--but whats wrong with 1 or 6 AKA's?
~mary e.
++++++++++end of transmission+++++++++