Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Two more lucky contestants! Laymamerican Idol starts tomorrow!


I got two more people to list for our earth-shattering Laymamerican Idol Competition, and judging by your blogs, competition is getting fierce.

Remember: Tomorrow we shall, evaluate.. and eLaymanate!

Da new kids on the block:

John Oak Dalton emailed me out of he blue yesterday, demanding to be a part of this blog, and assuring me he could put all you pansy-ass bitches to shame. His creatively titled blog, John Oak Dalton has its own admittedly poorly drawn comic (which seems pretty cool) and the guy likes B-movies. He also has a pretty cool name, so let's set his odds at:
Odds: 7-1

Dan Randlett's bizzarely titled The Though The Ap should have been included yesterday, but I misplaced the email. He likes Social Distortion, which makes him pretty good in my book.
Odds: 8-1

Remember, tomorrow, LAYMAMERICAN IDOL starts in earnest. All will be evaluated. One --possibly even two-- will be eLAYMANated!

Carry on.

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