Sunday, December 05, 2004


Whew! After ten touch-and-go hours on the operating table, doctors are saying they are "cautiously optimistic" about Layman's chances of survival. "I've never seen anyone with as pure a fighting spirit as John Layman," exclaimed chief surgeon, Dr. Diego DairyBoo. "This kid has real moxie."

Already, a line of (naughty) nurses have formed outside his recovery room, in anticipation of when the Mighty One awakes. Area florists have reported a 38% uptick in business, as well-wishers already have Mr. Layman's room overflowing with bouquets and tasteful gift arrangements.

I will continue to maintain my 24-hour vigil at Layman's bedside. Slipping in and out of consciousness, he awoke only once. Layman grasped my hand, and looked deeply into my eyes,. "U-u-update my blog, 'Soggy' Pete," Layman rasped, magnificent even in his injured state. "Do it for the homiez."

"Soggy" Pete


Sinc' said...

I heard the proceedure usually takes 30 minutes. The only reason the operation took 10 hours is that the doctors had a hard time finding his liver.

Tom said...

He probably can't have beer, right? Because I could look after his.

N. J. Pozner said...

Actually, I think at this point, Layman's liver accounts for 62% of his body weight.