Sunday, December 26, 2004

You know, even I'm getting tired of posting this crap... gotta be getting tired of reading it.

I'm don't even plan on buying this stuff, but I like Legos a lot, and seeing this stuff still gets me kinda excited. When I was a kid my two favorite things were Star Wars and Legos, and it wasn't until 1997 or so that the two got together. I've bought most of the Lego Star Wars stuff there is to buy, at least, all the "system scale" stuff, the sets that fit the cute little minifigure guys. That is, I bought everythign up until Episode I, and I even I bought a bunch of the Episode I sets too, before I even saw the movie and released how screwed I was cause the movie sucked so bad. So I've stopped buying sets, except for the "classic trilogy," but I still think it is cool when Lego unveils the sets for the coming year. All this stuff you see here this past week is for the Episode III movie, and the toys won't debut until spring-ish. Word is there is going to be two sets from the original trilogy, and all Lego has been doing lately is doing "redesigns" of previously released stuff. I've stopped buying those, unless they are really standout.

Anyway, here's another set. Wookies vs. droids.

Oh, by the way, I got a call yesterday from my stupid friend JP who LOOOOOVES George Lucas almost as much as another stupid friend named Nate LOOOOOOOVES George Bush. Stupid JP says that Fat-Ass Lucas is going and reworking the movies AGAIN to rerelease them for the "one last time." Man, how many time is that bastard going to take our money for the same tired shit? Why not spend the millions he has spent navel gazing hiring a decent script writer for Episode III?

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