Friday, December 31, 2004

Layman movie review: BIO ZOMBIE

Yeah, I enjoyed this one. Actually enjoyed the hell out of it. A Hong Kong zombie movie clearly made by people who had seen their share of American zombie movies. And there were points where you'd swear it actually was an American zombie movie, until the lead characters did or said something really (at least to Americans) goofy and incomprehensible. It takes place in a mall, and two mallrat lowlifes have to defend against zombies while trying to score chicks. Nothing groundbreaking, but thoroughly enjoyable. The sidekick character I had recently seen in an Asian Gangster flick called "Young and Dangerous, the Prequel." (That movie was pretty good, too, though, and I guess this is a series of movies, but stupid Netflix only has like parts 4 and 6, or something like that.)

Anyway, BioZombie was cooler than its title might lead you to believe. Translation and English voice overs were above average, too.

And kudos on the ending, which I thought was bleak even by horror movie standards.

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