Thursday, December 02, 2004

This blog gathers no moss

Keen Bollah Fools will notice I've updated the links section to this blog.

First off, I've added the excellent and eye-opening Today in Iraq blog, which I freely admitted to discovering and poaching from my friend Tom Peyer's Superfrankenstein blog. I WAS going to try to avoid my venomous political rants in this blog, but I was IMing with a Gambit fan, and I made some throwaway comment about the latest outrage our idiotic president has committed, regarding our disasterous invasion of Iraq. The fan remarked, "Oh, is the war still going? I heard it was over." I was dumbfounded by this shocking ignorance, especially in light of how many people are dying daily over there, until I visited my red-state in-laws over Thanksgiving, and saw how little attention their shit-rag newspaper paid to international current events. I still maintain that Bush would not have won if people paid any attention the monstrous stuff going on over there, so this is a good web-site to check out if you want to be slapped in the face with a hard dose of reality.

I'm also added the altogether asinine blog of my associate Brian Perez , entitled Logic and Nausea (which is only half right.) I say associate rather than friend because Brian is no friend of mine. He is my arch nemesis, the scheming Moriarty to my brilliance, the treacherous Iago to the regalness that is Layman, the Kryptonite to my innate superiority, and the nefarious Voldemort to the magic that is me. I have known this miserable bastard for more than 20 years, and on a cold January day in 1983 I made the mistake of loaning this wretching individual a considerable amount of money. Since then, all I've gotten out of him are excuses, lies, more lies, and damn lies. I invite you to his blog to feed him my hate. The only reason I visit his blog is to keep a death watch on this vile individual, so at the nanosecond of his hopefully painful demise I can be first in line at the Fed Ex to Overnight Express a case of Viagra to Satan for exclusive use on this despicable so-called man.

I've also removed the blog site of my friend Troy , who started a blog a couple of weeks ago, posted twice, and then let it gather cobwebs ever since. Maybe I'll add it back when Troy gets his shit together, but I recognize how much Layman-philes demand entertainment, so in the interest of keeping things "fresh" this internet eyesoar must be purged!

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