Wednesday, December 08, 2004



In a stunning and disturbing development, the horse that has already caused so much anguish continues to threaten the still-recovering Layman.

In a contentious early-morning press conference, the horse vowed to ignore the restraining order, and persist in his pattern of harassment and abuse against Layman. After a brief statement was read by his lawyer, the horse could only offer a single-word response to a barrage of questions by an increasingly hostile press.

"Won't you leave Mister Layman alone?"
"Have you no shame?"
"Do you regret the tremendous amount of suffering your action has caused to Layman and his legion of fans across the globe?"

Answered the horse: "Nay."

Yours in mutual outrage,
"Soggy" Pete


Anonymous said...

I'll revenge Layman! I am going to bite the horse!!

Anonymous said...

Turn that horribly evil Horse into Glue or Pet Food mighty Layman! For god sakes think of the children, won't someone please think of the children!

Tom said...

Kill the horse and it will meet five horses in horse-heaven.

Five horses that will explain to him the unseen connections that form the hidden meaning of his life.

So don't feel bad about killing the horse. The horse will be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

Isn;t that Horse the Identity Crisis Killer?

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