Friday, December 24, 2004

Jedi Starfighter vs. "Vulture" Droid

Now how the hell do they "vultures" in the Star Wars Universe? You know, I've got lots of bitches about the Star Wars movies, particularly the hairbrained sequels. But do you know what my absolute ultimate complaint is?

There is a point in Episode II where Obi Won turns to Annakin (or vice versa) and says “we’re going to be sitting ducks if we stay here.” How the hell would anybody in the Star Wars Universe know what a DUCK is? At least in the first trilogy, Lucas had enough energy to write stuff like “he looks strong enough to wrestle a gundark” and crap like that. Now imagine the Star Wars Universe, populated by all manner of creatures and aliens; wookees, jawas, ewoks, banthas, rancors, gundarks, wampas, taun tauns, tusken raiders, gungans, dewbacks, saarlacs –and freakin’ DUCKS!

And now, apparently, vultures. Sigh.

Anyway, here's one of the bigger sets. I presume the Wookie Catamaran will be up tomorrow for X-mas

Note: I deleted the picture, 'cause Chris Hunter pointed out it was screwing up the blog on internet explorer. Thanks, Chris!

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