Saturday, January 01, 2005

Layman movie review: SAVED

Another movie that was surprisingly good, from beginning to end. Yeah, it got just a tad heavy-handed, but that's pretty much the Modus Operandi of American Christians anyway, isn't it? Jenna Malone (from Donnie Darko) is a Christian high schooler whose boyfriend is gay and she tries to "save" him by having sex with him. Instead, she ends up pregnant, which exposes all the hypcricy of all her Jesus-freak schoolmates. It's funnier than it sounds, and cheesepuff singer Mandy Moore is really good as a popular bitchy girl. Moe-cay-hee Culkin is a wheelchair-bound kid, and he's pretty good too, as the cynical voice of reason, even if it does sound like he is trying to channel Christian Slater the entire time (man, whatever happened to THAT guy?)

So, anyway, I would totally recommend this movie. Kim liked it too, and she hates EVERYTHING!

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Anonymous said...

Christian Slater came into my comic store in Vancouver last year. It was the after Scott McCloud's 24 Hour Comic challenge. He walked in and was looking for comics so he could beg studios for a role, or something (I wasn't there, having just returned from England), any how, at the end of the day my boss smoked a joint with him and sold him copies of The Losers, Deadpool and some other junk. So if you ever see "Christian Slater is...DEADPOOL!" you'll know you have Vancouver's Elfsar Collection Comics and Toys to thank for it.

Happy New Year, John.