Monday, January 03, 2005

I promised you some Gambit #5 reviews, did I not?

From Hannibal's Buy Pile: "God help us, is John Layman making this comic actually readable? If it makes it all the way to 'good,' make sure your bomb shelter's fully stocked." Full review Here.

From Paul O'Brien's X-Axis. Poor Paul acts like complimenting Gambit causes him physical pain: "...Ends up as the best of this week's X-books. Which isn't to say that it's particularly good, but at least it's readable and fun." Full review Here.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Gambit 5 was the best issue so far!!! It was a great read, had everything! The best part was the humor. And you did a great job with Wolverine. And I can't wait til the next issue.

As for Paul, it always slays him to give Gambit a compliment. Used to make me crazy, but now, I realize he is sometimes full of it.

Great job!

Gambit Guild