Sunday, January 02, 2005

Layman to San Andreas: I OWN yo' ass!

I finished. Last night I finished the greatest god-damn game in the history of man. I actually thought I'd finish New Year's Eve (while my pathetic "roommate" was passed out by 10 p.m.) but it turns out to do the last mission you have to get to Level 12 of the firefighter missions, and then you become fireproof.

Once I did that, I was able to do the last mission, which was so freakin' long it was unbelievable. First, you and your brother Sweet have to drive to Los Flores, to your enemy Big Smoke's Crack Palace. You then have to steal a SWAT tank from the cops, bust into the building, and work your way past four stories of heavily-fortified guards. Then you face Big Smoke, have to kill him, which takes a long time becuase he is wearing a bulletproof vest. Afterwards, you have a showdown with Officer Tenpenny (Samuel L. Jackson) who sets the crack palace on fire and leaves you for dead. You have to make your way down four burning stories, still taking out bustahs as you do so (this is where you really HAVE to be fireproof.) Once you are out, Tenpenny escapes in a fire truck, with Sweet hanging on from the back. You have to chase Tenpenny all over the city, while rioters are throwing molotov cocktails at you, and after you have driven FOREVER you have to catch Sweet before dirty cops throw him off the truck. Then, with Sweet at the while, you have to shoot a bunch of cops and chase down Tenpenny, and once you do, you get a nice, long cutscene, featuring all the characters you've befriended along the way.

Holy crap. And now it's done. There are still gang territories to take over, and some side missions to do, the Quarry mission and Trucking mission and stuff like that. BUt the story itself had 100 missions to do, ranging from cool to hard as hell, but all of it was fun, and done with terrific humor. Shit, what am I gonna do next?

Rhetorical question. I gotta finish Gambit #9 and a pitch, then I'll probably pick up Prince Of Persia II. Part of me wants to start San Andreas all over again, but I'll probably wait a few months before I do that.

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