Saturday, January 29, 2005

REPREHENSIBLE: McDonalds is pure shit

Check this out. McDonald is Oregon in OUTSOURCING their drive-throughs to North Dakota.

That is, when you pull up to the drive up window at McDonald in Oregon, instead of giving your order to some pimply-face minimum wage dork in that McDonalds, you are ordering LONG DISTANCE from some inbred pimply-face minimum wage dork who's talking to you from North Dakota. Why? Because the minimum wage is $2 cheaper in North Dakota than it is in Oregon.

You shouldn't support McDonalds anyway, but this is just another in a long line of reasons not to. Welcome to George Bush's America, where the poor just keep getting poorer.

Link to McDonald's article here


N. J. Pozner said...

I don't understand how this is supposed to work. Unless McDonalds has found a way to fold space and time, thye still have to pay someone in Oregon to actually prepare the food and hand it to the customer who drive up. Why not have that person wear the headset and interact with the customers too?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think McDonalds could get any uglier. I guess it could.

Tom said...

(I'm the Anonymous who left the above comment.) What the hell is going on in that picture?

Sinc' said...

Superfrankenstein, That's called a happy meal!


Anonymous said...

Many fast-food places are doing it, and not just because the minimum wage is lower elsewhere (that's not nearly enough incentive). There's efficiency in having one person take the orders (regardless of their location) rather than the window person trying to take orders, get food, take money, make change, etc. Studies show that it works.

Anonymous said...

Personaly, I don't really care what mikey d's doing. I don't eat there.
and what does George bush have to do with you being minimum wage. Isn't that your fault for not being creative enough, or ambisious enough to do better? Maybe you could, I don't know, Start your own business and stop expecting hand outs from everyone else.