Saturday, January 08, 2005

Layman movie review: DODGEBALL

Holy crap. I don't even have the words for how bad this movie was. Alex Sinclair told me it was funny, and I didn't remember reading anything TOO horrible about it, so I put it on the ol' Netflix cue. Mother of God! It was HORRIBLE. Utterly unfunny every single minute, every single freakin' nanosecond. It wasn't even so-bad-it-was-funny kind of funny. It just sucked, absolutely and completely. Staggeringly bad, with not a single laugh to be found, and nothing remotely funny in it. Ben Stiller was basically doing Zoolander on Steriods, and he was the most annoyingly unfunny, while the rest of it just sort of sonumbulated through it, just wheezing along with this awful, awful script. The only good point to it was it was so completely lightweight that the movie at least felt like it was going by fast.

Jeezus, Sinclair... what the hell were you thinking?


Sinc' said...

Where else can you see a guy hurl metal tools at people's heads and nuts?! Sure it's a hard sell to see Vaughn hook up with Marsha Brady, but at least it wasn't sappy Stiller gets hot girl again. I think you hated it because it drudged up bad dodge ball memories from high school that took years of therapy to supress. P.E. was not kind to you, eh?

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly (and gods know, I probably don't), "Stiller gets hot girl" is actually "Stiller gets his own wife." I had higher hopes for this movie, but I felt like it did have the odd bright point (Rip Torn, the cameo by Lance Armstrong). I shouldn't have watched it RIGHT AFTER Napoleon Dynamite and Anchorman, though, I'll tell you that much.