Saturday, January 15, 2005

Layman movie review: THE BROTHER, FLY EFFECT

Holy crap, I actually liked this movie. Like, Sally Field liked it (that is, "I really, reeeeally liked it.)

I didn't expect to, as it immidiately got off to a bad start attributing a quote to "Chaos Effect," but it was actually pretty cool, like a good science fiction short story, a really dark Fredric Brown short or something. Of course, the problem with this movie was it was marketed as a horror movie starring Asshead Cooper, from Punk'd and That 70s Show (and didn't I read somewhere that he is dating the much olderMichael Moore?)

But it's really not even about. I saw the director's cut DVD, and I have no idea how it varied from the theatrical release, but ol' Asshead didn't even show up until 20 minutes into the movie, and Amy Smart as his love interest did not show up until 45 minutes into it. And up until then, we had a lot of flashback stuff with kids playing Asshead and Amy-as-children. I thought this was a pretty cool piece of speculative sci-fi about time travel (though whenever I saw Asshead on screen I called it, "Dude, where's my Alternate Universe?") It had a downbeat if a little ridiculous ending... and I sort of wonder if that's the ending that was in the theatrical version.

Anyway, that, and about 12 glasses of wine, with Batty on my lap, made for a not-too-bad Friday night.

My "roommate" thought the movie "got old," as Assheap Cooper bopped around through time and different realities, but I think that speaks more to her limited attention span than the quality of the movie. Also, she is a big hater.

I liked this movie.

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