Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Layman pimpage: Gambit #6

Gambit #6 is slated to hit the stores today, the conclusion to the "House of Cards" story-arc. This issue has a fill-in artist, but the art I've seen is pretty damn good, done by a cat named Roger Robinson (he did the recent Aliens vs. Predator TPB.)

If it seems like it was just a couple weeks since I pimped Gambit #5, bruver, you ain't crazy. Gambit #5 ran late, hence the fill-in artist on #6. But the fill-in helped us get back on track, and regular artist Georges Jeanty is working on #9 and I am working on #10. So there!

I'll post reviews as they hit the web.

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Anonymous said...

hey, cant wait for my copy to arrive , looking forward to the conclusion of the 1st arc.