Monday, January 24, 2005

My iPod is fucked. Again!

First, let me preface this by saying I don't have any stolen music. Every single song on my Ipod has been transferred over from my gargantuan CD collection (except for one Public Enemy album, which would not import, so my wife lifted a copy of Limewire.) Anyway, a couple of months ago Tom Peyer showed me a neat trick, pulling album covers off Amazon and matching them to the appropriate album on iTunes, so when you play music, you get a little mini-album cover along with the album and song title information. I don't know why, but this feature really tickled me, so I've started putting album covers to as many songs as possible.

And then my Ipod died. Froze up, then lost its songs.

I don't know if one certain song was corrupt, or if one of the album covers I got was corrupt. Fortunately, I bought a back-up hard drive and had blessedly backed-up a week or so before. Since then, I back-up more regularly, and I'm still, perhaps foolishly, pulling off album covers. Only this time, I'm resaving them into photoshop before matching the
covers to itunes.

So, my ipod fucked up again last night. Froze up and then dumped all the songs. I loaded the back-up from my hard-drive, and then 15 more albums, and the ipod is freezing up, and getting stuck. Clearly, there is still something wrong with it. And I don't have the patience to wade through 2300 songs to figure out exactly what is causing this.

My question to you: Has anybody else been through this? Is there some sort of dianostic program I can use to fix this? Like, the iPod equivalent of Norton Utilities?

I love my iPod dearly, but I'm at the end of my fucking rope.


Anonymous said...

I say, buy another ipod, then put your old one in that box and return it!

Or if you still can, just return it and get a new one, much easier then problem solving...

But, and this is a big one. Have you tried reseting your ipod? My friend has a problem with his and he just reset his ipod. Back to factory new and never had a problem again.

Hope this helps...

Chairman said...

Have you tried doing the factory reset on the iPod? It'll wipe your entire iPod hard drive, but resets it to like when you first bought it. I would try that and then resyncing your songs off iTunes. If you don't know how to do the reset, hit me up on the IM.


TomB said...

Perhaps you are inserting it incorrectly, check the manual regarding the correct positioning for your particular model. If you are in fact using the factory specified angle of entry, then most likely you need to reduce the frequency of insertion. If the problem still persist, then size might be a factor and you might consider downgrading to the mini-ipod.

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Anonymous said...

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